How to know if you are using the right Resin Bound supplier?

1 August 2023 by admin - Back To News

It can be difficult to know if you are using the correct supplier for all of your Resin Bound needs and it can be so easy to think you are being looked after by your supplier when in fact you could be receiving a better service and price elsewhere and not even realise!

Below are the steps to know if you are with the right supplier:

1. Easy Communication

Effective communication between you and your Resin Bound supplier is essential. This can prevent any issues from occurring. They should inform you about the good and the bad no matter the situation on your Resin Bound Installation. Whether this be order delays or price reductions, it helps to keep in constant contact with your driveway and patio supplier.

2. Expertise in Products

Your Resin Bound supplier should be able to tell you about any products they have, they should have sufficient knowledge should you have any questions or queries regarding their products. They should be able to tell you how to fix any issues should they arise. Durabound have many members of staff on hand to help at any time, who all have extensive knowledge of products and pricing within the Resin Bound Industry.

3. Record Keeping

Your supplier should be able to tell you an extensive list of any time you have purchased, returned or paid for any items. Keeping the customer right and happy should be their main priority, here at Durabound each of our customers has an account with their whole order and payment history should anyone need to refer to it in the future.

4. Accountability

Any reputable company should be able to take accountability for any mistakes, whether that be human error or product failure. They should work together with you, as the customer, to come up with a solution for any issues that arise due to them.

5. Production

Your supplier should be able to keep up with product demands. They should have their business stocked at all times with items you may need for your Resin Bound projects, allowing for a seamless transaction. Here at Durabound we have two different branches, both are stocked at all times to meet demands. If for any case the supplier was not able to complete the order due to stock levels they should always have great communication and keep you updated with any orders.

Here at Durabound we pride ourselves on having a smooth process when it comes to placing orders, we always prioritise the customers needs first and try and give you the best rate possible to save maximum money!

We always say, do your research when it comes to any supplier, not only Resin Bound suppliers!

When it comes to Resin, it can be costly to have any mistakes, make sure you are using a supplier who will be able to meet demands and work with you, not against you!