This Mix Includes:

3x Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm)
1 x Daltex Silver (1-3mm)
1x Durabound 6.9Kg UVR Resin Kit

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Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm)


£6.45 ex. VAT each
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Daltex Silver (1-3mm)


£6.31 ex. VAT each
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Durabound UVR (6.9kg) Resin


£70.89 ex. VAT each
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Daltex resin bound aggregate alpine mix is a blend of white aggregates with flecks of silver. This mix includes 3x Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm), 1x Daltex Silver (1-3mm), 1x Durabound 6.9kg UVR Resin. Ideal for resin driveways, resin paths & resin patios.

Please make sure you have the latest colour sample of Alpine resin bound to ensure colour accuracy.