This Mix Includes:

2x Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm)
1x Daltex Pearl Quartz (2-5mm)
1x Daltex Silver (1-3mm)
1x Durabound 6.9Kg UVR Resin Kit

Coverage: Approx 3.5/4 M²

Product Quantity

Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm)



New Daltex Pearl Quartz (2-5mm)



Daltex Silver (1-3mm)



Durabound UVR Resin


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Fossil Daltex aggregate blend resin bound mixes coloured creams and silver for a contemporary and textured look. This resin bound blend is the ideal choice for enhancing your projects with an ice-like matte finish.

The Fossil Daltex mix includes 2x Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm), 1x Daltex Pearl Quartz (2-5mm), 1x Daltex Silver (1-3mm), 1x Durabound 6.9Kg UVR Resin. Ideal for resin patios, resin paths and resin driveways. Daltex Fossil is a professional, long-lasting and cost effective way to restore or revamp your driveway. With a naturally round, angular rock shape and a 6.5 hardness rating, Daltex Fossil is a durable and hard wearing resin bound blend that is ideal for both commercial, domestic and industrial applications.

Resin bound blends are the highest quality aggregates with a professional colour match and grain structure to blend seamlessly with any design. Our resin bound mixes offer complete versatility, and can be used for any project – from driveways to patios and paths.

The resin bound UVR kit included with the Fossil Daltex aggregate blend makes a strong, long-lasting and environmentally friendly solution for your landscape. The use of UVR resin helps to reduce the amount of non-porous material required for your project and gives you a professionally finished installation with outstanding durability and performance.

The Fossil Daltex mix is a low-maintenance product that can be used for driveways, paths and patios. The colours of this mixture are blends of cream mixed with hints of silver combined to create a lighter, soft finish for contemporay and traditonal properties for your projects. The Fossil Daltex mix brings a touch of elegance and refinement to any design project. This product has been proven to be versatile in its application from large commercial projects, to urban residential installations.