Pearl Blush

This Mix Includes:

2x Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm)
1x Daltex Red (2-5mm)
1x Daltex Pearl Quartz (1-3mm)
1x Durabound 6.9Kg UVR Resin Kit

Coverage: Approx 3.5/4 M²

Product Quantity

Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm)



Red (2-5mm)



New Daltex Pearl Quartz (1-3mm)



Durabound UVR Resin


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Pearl Blush Daltex Aggregate Blend resin bound mixes smooth yellows, creams, greys and reds for a stunning, colourful finish. This blend is ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications including driveways, patios and decorative pathways.

The Pearl Blush Daltex mix includes 2x Daltex Winter Quartz (2-5mm), 1x Daltex Red (2-5mm), 1x Daltex Pearl Quartz (1-3mm) and 1x Durabound 6.9Kg UVR resin kit. Pearl Blush Daltex is a resin bound blend that is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. The high performance tiles will stand up to heavy footfall and traffic, whilst maintaining its beautiful appearance for years to come. The blended colour of this mix provides a decorative look for many industrial, commercial and domestic projects. The combination of natural bright light colours including cream, yellow, grey and red, creating a colourful surface for varying projects. Pearl Blush Daltex has a naturally rounded, angular rock shape and a 7 hardness rating.

Sourced from across the UK and Europe, this Daltex aggregate blend has been meticulously dried and screened to produce a high quality product that offers a sparkling, consistent resin bound finish on any project or design. The Pearl Blush Daltex Aggregate Blend will transform the outside of your property and create a great first impression to visitors.

We highly recommend using the UVR resin kit which is included with the Pearl Blush Daltex aggregate blend. The use of UVR resin with a resin bound system offers a variety of benefits that improve the performance and appearance of your resin bound installation. It is SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant meaning that it does not require planning permission, if the sub-base is correctly prepared.

The Pearl Blush Daltex mix blends natural clusters of yellows, creams, greys and reds to create a decorative finish. This colourful texture is ideal for resin driveways and projects of all types.