This Mix Includes:

2x Daltex Gold Quartz (2-5mm)
1x Daltex Autumn Quartz (2-5mm)
1x Daltex Autumn Quartz (1-3mm)
1x Durabound UVR Resin Kit

Coverage: Approx 3.5/4 M²


Daltex Red (2-5mm)



Daltex Autumn Quartz (1-3mm)



Daltex Autumn Quartz (2-5mm)



Durabound UVR Resin


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Springtime Daltex Aggregate Blend resin bound offers a smooth blend of golden, white, red and brown aggregates for a colourful and stylish finish that is perfect or residential and commercial landscapes.

The Springtime Daltex mix includes 2x Daltex Gold Quartz (2-5mm), 1x Daltex Autumn Quartz (2-5mm), 1x Daltex Autumn Quartz (1-3mm) and 1x Durabound 6.9Kg UVR resin kit. Springtime is ideal for resin driveways, resin patios and resin paths. Springtime Daltex is a durable and hard wearing resin bound blend that is ideal for both commercial, domestic and industrial applications. The strong blend of golden, white, red and brown colours of the Springtime Daltex will revamp and beautify any project. Springtime Daltex has a naturally round rock shape and a 7 hardness rating, making it ideal for use in patios and driveways where wear on the surface by traffic is high.

Resin bound blends are the highest quality aggregates with a professional colour match and grain structure to blend seamlessly with any design. Our resin bound mixes offer complete versatility, and can be used for any project – from driveways to patios and paths.

If you’re looking for a resin bound aggregate that will transform the exterior of your property and create a great first impression to visitors, look no further. Sourced from across the UK and Europe this Springtime Daltex Aggregate Blend has been meticulously dried and screened to provide you with the highest quality product that offers a sparkling, consistent resin bound finish on any project or design.

The Daltex UVR kit is included with this Springtime package of resin-bound aggregates. This environmentally friendly solution for your landscape requires no sand or additional additives and meets user requirements by reducing the amount of non-porous material required, resulting in a strong and long-lasting installation.

The Springtime Daltex mix is a smooth resin bound blend of golden, white, red and browns, perfect for driveways and paths, patios, exterior renovations, etc. The result is a very strong contemporary and clean finish for your projects. The Springtime Daltex resin bound aggregate gives your landscaping projects the perfect blend of class.