Resin Bound 1 Day Training Course

20 September 2023 by Durabound - Back To News

Join our highly sought-after 1-day training course and unlock the skills to become a resin bound surfacing installer! Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to expand your repertoire or a passionate DIY enthusiast eager to learn a new skill, this course is perfect for you.

With hands-on training led by our experienced professionals, you’ll dive into the world of resin bound surfaces. Mastering the techniques to create durable, visually appealing driveways, paths, and more. Gain invaluable knowledge on surface preparation, mixing and application of resin, and finishing touches to achieve a flawless result. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skillset and open doors to new possibilities.

Enrol today and pave your way to success in the captivating world of resin bound installations!