Structural Advisor for the Resin Bound Industry

At Durabound we have a Structural Advisor for the resin bound industry. Our professional Advisor has extensive knowledge in the Resin Bound Industry and has performed many assessments and surveys for Hospitals, Insurance Companies and other Resin Bound Installers.

Durabound is able to help within different sectors, whether that be in Domestic situations such as properties or commercial properties such as Schools, Hospitals and Office buildings.

Domestic surveys can take place for a number of reasons, maybe you are a customer who would like some advice regarding a surface that has been installed by a subcontractor, we could act as dispute resolution or you would like some advice to ensure your surface has been installed correctly or if you need to take further steps with your installer.

Our Structural Advisor is a professional who specialises in assessing and providing guidance on resin-bound surfacing projects that may be experiencing structural issues or failures. Our experienced advisor also provides advice on surfaces that are in a great condition but that others believe are not.

Here's some information on what our advisor does:


Our structural advisor in the resin bound industry has a background in civil engineering, construction, or a related field.

He has extensive knowledge of resin-bound surfacing materials, installation techniques, and structural considerations.

Site Assessments

The surveyor visits sites where resin-bound surfaces are failing to conduct thorough assessments.

This includes examining the current condition of the surface, identifying the causes of failure, and determining if any underlying structural issues exist.


Our advisor diagnoses the specific problems causing the resin-bound surface to fail. This could include issues like poor preparation, inadequate drainage, improper resin mixing, or substandard materials.


Based on our assessment, our professional advisor will provide detailed recommendations for remediation. This may involve suggesting repairs, modifications, or complete replacements of the resin-bound surface. He may also advise on the use of different materials or techniques to ensure long-term durability.

Regulatory Compliance

Our Advisor ensures that any recommended solutions comply with local building codes and regulations. This is crucial to ensure that the repaired or replaced surface meets safety and quality standards.

Cost Estimation

Our Structural Advisor may provide cost estimates for implementing their recommended solutions, allowing clients to budget for the necessary work.

Monitoring and Quality Control

After repairs or replacements are carried out, our advisor may continue to monitor the project to ensure that the recommended improvements are implemented correctly and that the new surface is performing as expected.


Detailed reports are typically provided to clients, outlining the assessment findings, recommendations, and any other relevant information.

Hiring a structural advisor for resin-bound surfacing projects can be essential in preventing further failures, ensuring the longevity of the surface, and minimizing costly repairs in the long run. Durabound’s advisors play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and safety of resin-bound surfaces in various applications, such as driveways, walkways, and decorative areas.

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