What is Resin-Bound Driveway Surfacing?

15 March 2024 by Layton - Back To News

What Is Resin Bound Surfacing ?

Resin-bound driveway surfacing is revolutionizing outdoor spaces, offering an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and environmentally friendly alternative. Moreover, traditional paving methods are now being challenged by this innovation. Specifically, the technique combines natural aggregates—like granite, marble, quartz, and recycled glass. Furthermore, these are mixed with a clear, UV-stable resin. As a result, together, they create a smooth, yet permeable surface. In contrast to conventional materials, a resin-bound surface is visually versatile. Additionally, it is ‘SUDS compliant.’ Therefore, this ensures effective water management without the need for additional drainage systems.

Cost-Effective Installation with Existing Bases

Affordable Paving Solution

One of the most appealing aspects of resin-bound surfacing is its versatility. Importantly, it can be laid over an existing solid base, significantly reducing project costs. Whether over an old concrete driveway or a weathered tarmac path, this approach offers a cost-effective solution. Consequently, a resin-bound overlay can rejuvenate your outdoor space. This is achieved without the need for extensive groundwork, enhancing both appeal and functionality.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Just Go For It..

The virtually endless colour range in resin-bound materials like granite offers unparalleled customization, significantly enhancing variety. Additionally, quartz and bauxite contribute to this diversity, broadening the palette. Furthermore, experienced installers can craft intricate designs, skillfully catering to both homeowners’ aesthetic preferences and businesses’ branding needs. For instance, Durabound’s innovative materials enable contractors to embed logos directly into the surface. Similarly, text can be seamlessly integrated, offering unique personalization. A prime example is ‘The Hub’ at a Breckenridge school entrance, where functionality and design merge effortlessly.”

The Hub Front Resin Bound Entrance

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Blending with Any Architectural Style

Colours To Complement Every Home

The versatility of natural aggregate colours means that resin surfacing can complement any building’s surroundings. Whether aiming for a modern look with blacks and greys or a traditional feel with browns and earth tones, resin-bound surfacing offers the flexibility to match your architectural vision. This adaptability makes it a favourite among architects and designers looking to tailor outdoor spaces precisely to their projects’ aesthetic requirements.

Environmental and Practical Benefits

(SUDS) Approved

Resin-bound surfacing excels in areas prone to surface water, thanks to its high permeability. By allowing water to pass through to the ground below, it reduces the strain on local drainage systems and supports sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) compliance. This feature is especially beneficial in residential areas and commercial spaces like schools, hospitals, and city centres, where effective water management is crucial.

Safety and Durability

Get A Grip

Adding fine sand or crushed glass beads to the resin surface enhances slip resistance, making it safer underfoot in all weather conditions. This modification enables resin-bound driveways and pathways to surpass the slip resistance requirements of the pendulum test, a critical safety measure for public spaces. Moreover, the durability and low maintenance nature of resin surfacing make it suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, appealing to a wide range of budgets depending on the condition of the existing base.

Collaborating with Industry Professionals

Approved By Trading Standards

Durabound is at the forefront of supplying high-quality materials for resin-bound applications, working closely with contractors and architects across the UK. We welcome discussions with industry professionals aiming to integrate resilient, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing surfacing solutions into their projects.